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princess larissa
27 May 1974
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I most likely hate you.

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Date Created:05/09/02
Number of Posts: 762

orange74 has been known to bite and often can be heard making sarcastic remarks. Usually it's the rum's fault. Be nice, she can be a bitch if she has to be.
Strengths: Brutally honest, not easily put off, wicked sense of humor, loyal
Weaknesses: Lazy, likes to drink and flirt with your boy/girlfriend, a little too self confident, easily distracted, she is rendered powerless by a cute boy esp. if he has a swanky accent and/or pretty tattoos
Special Skills: Will kick your ass at pop culture trivia & can mix a perfect cocktail(sometimes at the same time)
Weapons: big boobs, strong legs and the brains to use them to her fullest advantage
Nemisis': Guys named JOE, manilla folders & sports & poker on TV

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